DES Hand Drill For MX - Housing


  • This is a set of tooling for stock 2u housing to fit MX keycaps.  
  • Well designed template fits 2u housing precisely.  Using the high quality hand drill, you can easily cut out 2 holes in perfect round and symmetric. 

Each bag includes

  • Hand drill *1 
  • 2u template *1

Operating instructions

  • Fit the template to 2u housing. 
  • Aim the sharp tip of the drill to V point of the template ( which will be the centre of the hole) 
  • Hand drill the hole to around Diameter 6.5
  • Test your MX keycap to the housing. 

 Shipping Options

  • Express shipping will be shipped by FedEx, TNT, EMS etc. Timing may be effected by virus situation locally .  
  • Post shipping is more economical but need some luck on the timing. it is not reliable specially under this virus crisis.  please understand. 
  • Shipping in low value , and no invoice included in package. No need to worry about TAX issue usually.