DES Topre Silencing Rings RGB edition



World's first RGB-compatible Topre Silencing Rings for your Realforce RGBs!

Have you ever wanted to silence your Realforce RGB? Do you feel that your RGB sounds horrible? These DES rings RGB edition is made for you. Now you can make your Realforce RGB keyboards sound as good as any other Topre keyboards.

Using the same dimensions and material softness as the originals, these specially-cut silencing rings provide a quieter typing experience, unrivaled by any other alternative on the market and are the only RGB compatible silencing rings on the market. They can even compete head-to-head with genuine Topre silencing rings. 


120 pcs per bag

PET film layer for durability

Compatible with the Realforce RGB models only, these rings are specially cut to compensate the LED slots for the Realforce RGB housings.

  • DES ring RGB edition #3: 0.3mm in thickness; thin edition. Increased silencing compared to the DES ring #2, while maintaining minimal keystroke travel reduction. Also suitable for OEM 45g Topre domes.


Note: Install each ring with its shinier side facing up.