After 3 years of R&D, multiple rounds of prototyping with several molds, we are finally launching our special Topre MX-compatiable sliders! 

2u slider specification

  • 2u pack : flat version. optional drilling the housing if remove the keycap left right stem . may need a little reverse the keycap to keep keycap straight .  
  • 2u pack new : extra stem version, must drill the stock housing to compatible with MX keycap . or use des-2u housings.
  • NOTE:  rube the square area of the 2u slider to make it smooth sliding ( check the picture in this link )



    • Premium designed sliders for MX keycaps. Compatible with almost all brands of MX keycaps like SP, GMK, CRP, EPBT etc.
    • Designed to be used with #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 des-silence rings without the need for Deskeys dome gaskets.
      #3 Silencing Ring - 4.0 mm travel
      #5 Silencing Ring - 3.8 mm travel (Same as Type-S) (recommend)
      #7 Silencing Ring - 3.6 mm travel
    • Tight tolerances and POM material allows for least amount of key wobble as well as top level smoothness. 

    • des-sliders does NOT SUPPORT Realforce RGB keyboard. 

    Each qty includes

    • 17 pcs = 17 x 1u sliders 
    • stabilizer pack = 4x 2u stabs + 2x space bar sets
    • 2u pack = 3x 2u stabs  
    • stabilizer kit  = 2x space bar stabilizer sets
    • 2u pack new = 4x 2u stabs

    Quantity guide:

    • FC660C, HHKB (68)  = 4x 17pcs + 1x  stabilizer pack
    • R2 TKL, 87u (87)        = 5x 17pcs + 1x  stabilizer pack
    • FC980C, 104u, 108u  = 6x 17pcs + 1x  stabilizer pack + 1x 2u pack

       Shipping Options

      • Express shipping will be shipped by FedEx, TNT, EMS etc. Timing may be effected by virus situation locally. but still efficient and reliable.  Highly recommend.
      • Post shipping is more economical but need some luck on the timing. it is not reliable specially under this virus crisis. sometimes it needs months for delivery.  NO REFUND because of long time shipping.  please understand. 
      • Shipping value always be very low, and no invoice included in package. No need to worry about TAX issue usually.