DES Topre Silencing Rings



Premium Topre Silencing Rings. 

Have you ever wanted purple sliders? These Topre silencing rings will provide you the same feeling but without having to break the bank.

Using the same dimensions and material softness as the originals, these nicely-cut silencing rings provide a quieter typing experience, unrivaled by any other alternative on the market. It can compete head-to-head with genuine Topre silencing rings. We think that these are the best silencing rings we have ever tried.



120 pcs per bag

PET film layer for durability

Compatible with Topre housing (not compatible with Realforce RGB models)

  • DES ring #2: 0.2mm in thickness; ultra thin edition. Minimal reduction in keystroke travel.  Suit for stock sliders . 
  • DES ring #3: 0.3mm in thickness; thin edition. Increased silencing compared to #2, while maintaining minimal keystroke travel reduction. Most chosen for stock sliders . 
  • DES ring #4: 0.4mm in thickness; medium thickness edition. A little better silence but more travel reduction than #3. Suit for stock sliders . 
  • DES ring #5 0.5mm thickness; The original edition. 99% similar to authentic Topre silencing rings. Suited for those who want the same experience as original purple sliders. 
  • DES ring #6 0.6mm thickness; The ultra silenceing edition. better silencing performance than original #5 rings. 
  • DES ring #7 0.7mm thickness; The super silencing edition. Suit for original purple silent sliders (or type s).  Extra thickness will not effect travel reduction a lot (actually still better than stock sliders + #3 rings).  Much better silencing performance specially for harsh tactility domes. 
  • DES ring Mixed sample bag;  Include 30 pcs each of #3 silicone, #5 original, #5 silicone, #7 original.  

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  • Post shipping is more economical but need some luck on the timing. it is not reliable specially under this virus crisis. sometimes it needs months for delivery.  NO REFUND because of long time shipping.  please understand. 
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