Eco shipping is quite unreliable currently, sometimes weeks sometimes months. Just take chance and luck . Please choose Express shipping for more reliable. no suffer.






  • BKE like tactile typing experience
  • Accurate press weight tolerance 
  • Fast rebound
  • Easy installing (4 domes each strip)

Each qty includes

  • 18   pcs = 5 strips(2 domes redundancy)
  • 68   pcs = 17 strips + 1x redundancy
  • 87   pcs 22 strips + 1x redundancy
  • 108 pcs = 27 strips + 1x redundancy

 Gram Options

  • Tiffany = 35g
  • Pink  = 42g
  • Purple=49g
  • Blue  = 56g
  • Green =70g

 Shipping Options

  • Express shipping will be shipped by FedEx, TNT, EMS etc. Timing may be effected by virus situation locally. but still efficient and reliable.  Highly recommend.
  • Post shipping is more economical but need some luck on the timing. it is not reliable specially under this virus crisis. sometimes it needs months for delivery.  NO REFUND because of long time shipping.  please understand. 
  • Shipping value always be very low, and no invoice included in package. No need to worry about TAX issue usually.